In our fast-changing society, adaptability, creativity, curiosity and open-mindedness are key skills to be at the forefront of the transformations we are all facing.

We offer to enlighten these challenges from the perspective of art and culture.

Our expertise combined with that of artist-researchers, methodologies of design fiction and coaching enables us to help individuals and organisations to broaden their thought patterns, (re)-connect with their raison d’être in order to give meaning to their actions.

Art Curation & Production

We support the design & production of original artworks, cultural programmes and events. Our expertise ranges from concept and art curation to production management in order to help teams to achieve the highest art experience standards.

Creative Production of original artworks, contents & experiences.

Art Curation for exhibitions & events.

Cultural Mediation for a dialogue between creators & audiences.

Consultancy & Production of cultural programmes.

Education & Innovation

Our workshops, conferences and innovative programmes connect art, science & social entrepreneurship to help higher education students, innovators and entrepreneurs to develop skills & vision for the future.

Conferences to discover projects at the forefront of the convergence between art and innovation.

Creative workshops that combine critical making and vision for hands-on practice and learning by doing.

Art-driven Research that fosters pluridisciplinary collaboration.

Round tables to facilitate experience sharing and boost professional projects.

Research & Network

We want to give back our experience & tools to the community to support artists & cultural entrepreneurs to be recognized as key actors of the society.

Experience-sharing at professional meetups and workshops dedicated to entrepreneurship and the development of the cultural sector.

Tools and knowledge networks for the Creative and Cultural Industries.