In our fast-changing society, adaptability, creativity, curiosity and open-mindedness are key skills to be at the forefront of the transformations we are all facing. We offer to enlighten these challenges from the perspective of art and culture.

Education +

Our workshops, conferences and training programs connect art, science & social entrepreneurship to help students, artists, makers and entrepreneurs to develop skills & vision for the future.

  • Design of educational & training programs.
  • Combination of critical thinking with hands-on practice.
  • Conferences to discover projects at the forefront of the convergence between art and innovation.
  • Training programs for digital literacy and social inclusion.
  • Research projects for pedagogy innovation.

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Art + Science +

We curate cultural programs, support the production of original artworks and collaborations between artists and researchers. Our expertise ranges from concept to production management in order to help multi-disciplinary teams to achieve their goals.

  • Art Curation for exhibitions & events.
  • Creative Production of original artworks, contents & experiences.
  • Cultural Mediation for a dialogue between creators & audiences.
  • Project management of Art–Science projects.
  • Consultancy & Production of cultural programs.

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