Workshops series on Artificial Intelligence - late 2023

Or how to help artists getting started with AI

Xiquan Yuan
Credit image: Xiquan Yuan

During the last quarter of 2023 we have led two workshops intended for artists, art students, developers, or anyone interested in better understanding how to incorporate AI tools within their creative practice.

Generating Images with generative models

The first workshop was organised in collaboration with, a community of creative professionals based in NYC, US, that runs a peer-led education program to foster the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The workshop was run online over a 6-week period via weekly video calls, asynchronous chats and personal assignments. The goal was to introduce participants with text-to-images generative models and explore strategies to use AI as a tool for co-creation. We also engaged in group discussions about how AI is altering our perception of reality as a society based on real-world examples and articles.

Machine Learning for Artists

The second workshop was programmed by the Arts & Techs Lab of Stereolux over a 3-days period, on-site in Nantes, France.

The intention here was to provide the participants with a general introduction to Machine Learning, to demystify the technology and make it more approachable for the prototyping of interactive art projects. We covered a large range of topics, from face and gesture tracking to speech recognition and image generation. We trained our own models and used code to prototype interactive demos to help participants imagine how they could incorporate these tools as part of their artistic and creative practice.