Științescu Timișoara

Funding programme for educational projects in the STEAM fields

The Științescu Fund is a Romanian funding programme for educational projects in the STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) that aims to cultivate the passion of children aged 6-19 for these fields. 

Through this fund, the Timișoara Community Foundation finances projects that help children discover science and foster their interest in a creative, friendly and useful way. This fifth edition is dedicated to the rural communities of Timiș and Arad regions. 

This year we were invited to join the project selection committee ; 14 applications have been submitted to the 2022 open call, including 12 from organisations applying for the first time to this funding programme.

Here’s a sample of the selection : 

Summer Camp Liebling : this project combines a passion for nature, heritage and folklore with an interest in new technologies such as 3D printing and digital embroidery. 30 students will create their own piece of traditional embroidery and learn about natural textiles. 

Grădina de pe Uranus : this geodesic dome greenhouse will be built by the children from scratch with upcycled material. It will be used for observations, experiments and urban gardening, but also as an educational space. Adults are welcome too. 

Teatrul și meseriile sale : this intensive workshop organised at the Basca Theatre is an opportunity for 20 young people to team up with professionals and discover all the industry behind the scenes, from acting to engineering.