LowSoRo & Game Jam – IMT 2024

Two workshops for engineering students : Low tech Soft Robotics & Game Jam for a solar future

Each year, the IMT Atlantique engineering school organises an intersemester week to encourage their students from the Nantes, Brest and Rennes campuses and students from the École du Bois to discover and experiment with creative practices in order to adapt their skills to a constantly changing world. 

We were again invited to organise workshops this year, including LowSoro, run by Selma Lepart since 2022, and Game Jam, the latest addition to our catalogue, designed in collaboration with Nathalie Guimbretière. For this edition, the two workshops were run separately.

The Low SoRo (Low tech & Soft Robotics) workshop explores soft robotics in a creative way and the principles of the Low tech philosophy, in order to rethink the uses of new technologies with a view to a sustainable future.

Students work in groups to learn the basic techniques for designing soft robots, and also to question the manufacturing process and its relevance. At the end of the five days, each group will have prototyped a successful, fun and useful device.

The Game Jam for a Solar Future workshop looks at the notion of utopia through the theories of game design, with the aim of imagining a sustainable civilisation and the ways of achieving this ideal.

Still working in groups, the students discover the techniques involved in making a video game and the narrative process from a ‘solar punk’ perspective. They are encouraged to put their artistic vision and critical thinking skills to the test in order to prototype an experimental video game.


IMT Atlantique

Engineering students

Selma Lepart
Nathalie Guimbretière

Game Jam for a Solar Future