Art + Code @ 42 Lisboa

Participatory conference on art and technology

We were invited by Ecole 42 in Lisbon to organise a participatory conference on the theme of Art and Code. 

Aimed at students, the event was held in an informal setting within the school, to encourage exchange, debate and reflections on their own experience in digital environments. 

For the occasion, we have invited several artists whose practice lies at the crossroads of code and new technologies to share their work, inspirations and career paths: 

Rudolfo Quintas creates interactive, generative and data-mapping audiovisual works that invariably take the form of performances, installations or sculptures.

CADA is a collective of artists who make software for exhibitions and the public realm.

Robert Allison, currently based in Lisbon, focuses on the process of iteration using computation to create unique experiences.


3rd of December 2021

42 Lisboa

Rudolfo Quintas
Robert Allison