AI for artists - workshop & public lecture

How the creative community may reclaim gen-AI tools?

In February 2024, we organised an introductory workshop on generative AI for the community of artists and creative professionals of Serra, an artist-run cultural center in Leiria, central Portugal. The workshop was followed the next day by a public lecture at the bookshop Livraria Arquivo where artists who attended the workshop could share their impressions and discuss with the audience how AI tools may be integrated within their creative workflow.

The discussion opened to questions around the friction between creativity and technology: how are artists reclaiming this technology? What are the impacts of the democratisation of these tools on our society? To which extent do these tools extend human possibilities or threaten them?

The project served two objectives, on one hand it allowed artists who had never used gen-AI to comprehend the logic of the tool and imagine strategies on how they may use them, on the other hand it was the opportunity to invite a larger audience to participate in the discussion and debate around these topics.


7 & 8 February 2024

Serra – Espaço cultural
Livraria Arquivo

Susana Neves