An artistic workshop about art and ecology on the language of plants hosted by Circuito, Braga Media Arts.

Using electronic tools, participants were able to collect the plants’ electrical signals in order to generate sound compositions in real time.

Creative coding workshop open for teenagers in Braga as part of Circuito, an inclusive educational project by Braga Media Arts.

Participants discovered how to use code to create real-time animations and develop their own arcade video game.

Romanian funding programme for educational projects in the STEAM fields that aims to cultivate the passion of children aged 6-19 for science and arts. 

For this 5th edition dedicated to the rural regions of Timiș and Arad, we have been invited to join the selection committee.

Low-tech and artistic soft robotics workshop for IMT Atlantique engineering students, in partnership with artists Selma Lepart and Nathalie Guimbretière

The students had to prototype soft robots that met the criteria of low-tech production: useful, accessible, sustainable.

Design Fiction workshop for engineering students of Centrale Marseille, designed in collaboration with Lucie Cassisa. 

Students had to imagine a scenario that addresses ecological and societal challenges of the cities of tomorrow.

Participatory conference on the theme of Art and Code co-organised with 42 Lisboa for their students, in December 2021.

Several artists whose practice is at the intersection of code and other technologies were invited to share their work, background, tools and inspirations.

Digital art workshop for engineering students of IMT Atlantique located in Nantes, Brest and Rennes campuses, in collaboration with art center Stereolux.

This opportunity allowed students to enrich their knowledge by combining a scientific and artistic approach, to develop their curiosity and agility.

Le Grand Barouf Numérique is a participatory and prospective debate on the internet neutrality and other issues of our digital lives.

On this occasion, we teamed up with OuiShare to present the artworks ‘Threads’ by Fabien Zocco and the Cached collective’s experience.

A workshop for social entrepreneurs to experience risk and uncertainty through art practice.

The experience allowed participants to operate in uncertain contexts and to transfer those skills into their professional field.


Art installation (2019) by collective HeHe, production Bipolar.

Premiered at Festival d’Avignon as part of the exhibition ‘Big Torrent’ to raise awareness of flood risk and offer an unusual experience of the Rhône river to the inhabitants.

Immersive art installation by onformative and Nick Verstand.

The artwork was exhibited by TETRO+A for the EDF Foundation as part of the Nuit Blanche 2018 in Paris.

A yearly online event uniting creative professionals from several european cities simultaneously, supported and enabled by Cisco’s Webex platform.

The 2020 edition was on the topic of Changes, speakers discussed the Covid-19 crisis and consequences of the digitalisation of culture in these uncertain times.

A series of independent ‘meet and greet’ art events hosted by Genesis Cinema, London.

Artists and audiences are invited to engage with each other into discussion panels to share insights about the art process and activate inspiring conversations.

We have contributed to the design and facilitation of creative coding classes for young people aged 5 to 12 years old.

By focusing on play and creativity, children’s imagination was stimulated to facilitate their understanding of digital media.