Education +

Our training programs connect art, science & entrepreneurship to help individuals & organisations to develop their skills & vision for the future.

Higher Education

We help engineering and management schools to build pedagogical courses that combine project-based learning with critical thinking about new technologies.

This hybrid approach allows students to explore new ways of thinking, enrich their scientific culture and question the societal and environmental issues of our time.

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Artists, Makers & Researchers

We help creative professionals, researchers and art students to strengthen their skills in creative technologies and interactive media.

Our networking events and entrepreneurship consultancy further support them in their projects and careers.

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Digital literacy for young people

We help young people to explore and experiment with code & new technologies by developing fun & creative projects (prototypes, interactive stories, mini-games, animations…).

Our courses not only teach them the fundamentals of computer science but equip them with essential skills for the future: creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaborative work.

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Pedagogy for social inclusion

We contribute to research projects and training courses that aim to reduce the digital divide and facilitate professional and social inclusion.

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