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Soft Robotics - towards new modes of production

Develop creative robotics projects inspired by nature

This workshop invites you to explore the possibilities offered by Soft Robotics in an artistic and manual workshop based on free experimentation.

Soft robotics is generally defined as a field of research that aims to replace some or all of the rigid parts of a traditional robot with flexible parts (such as silicone, rubber and other polymers, fabrics, etc.). This is robotics inspired by living organisms, and is more interdisciplinary than traditional robotics research. Because of their flexibility, soft robots are also considered to be intrinsically safer for humans, and are therefore well suited, for example, to the care of the elderly, prostheses, wearable technologies and collaborative robots (cobots).

In this workshop, you’ll be learning about creative robotics, experimenting with and creating objects and devices using elements that are reactive to water (e.g. bimetallic strips) or electrical impulses (e.g. shape memory metals), or pneumatic elements, mobile folding elements, and so on. Thanks to these surprising materials and techniques, you will be encouraged to question and change your perspective on the concepts of robotics, productivity and innovation.


Learning Outcomes

  • Experimenting with Soft Robotics materials and devices
  • Integrate serendipity into the creative process
  • Conduct a creative robotics project

Practical information

  • Target group: Artists, students, arts technicians, developers, researchers. Anyone wishing to learn about soft robotics
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: The material can be adapted from a standalone workshop over 3 – 5 days, to a full academic course
  • Tools taught include: Arduino
  • Teacher: Selma Lepart, artist-researcher
  • Language: This workshop can be taught in English or French

Going further

As we are constantly developing new contents, the learning objectives and formats can be flexible. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to develop a new syllabus or a learning experience tailored to your public.

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