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Making sounds with the non-human

Explore how to create sounds from live data & signals of nature

What if plants could talk to us?

This may sound impossible, but they too communicate with each other and use electricity to do so, just like our brains or the computers we use to send data. During this workshop between art and science, participants will be collecting bio-signals from plants and other non-human systems to create sound compositions generated in real-time.

We will be investigating various ways to collect the data and convert it into a sonic form. First we will see how to collect signals from non-human systems like bio-electricity or live data from the Internet. Then, we will be exploring various sonification techniques to either create direct translations into audible waveforms or conversion into parameters that can be used to control audio production tools.

sound non human

Learning Outcomes

  • Collect bio-signals using analogue devices
  • Collect live data using the Internet
  • Explore various sonification workflows
  • Develop sonification prototypes for sound art

Practical information

  • Target group: Musicians, sound artists, technicians, students, researchers
  • Prerequisites: To have an existing sound / noise / music practice and be willing to explore new ways of producing with live data & programming
  • Duration: 1 – 2 days
  • Teacher: Aurélien Krieger, co-founder at Obsolete Studio
  • Language: This workshop can be taught in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese

Open Source Documentation

The teaching material of this course is open sourced and can be consulted on the documentation webpage.

Going further

As we are constantly developing new contents, the learning objectives and formats can be flexible. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to develop a new syllabus or a learning experience tailored to your public.

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