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Introduction to web development

Learn the fundamentals of programming by developing a retro video game using JavaScript or C#

During this workshop, participants are learning the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming through the development of a retro video game. The project-oriented activity will be the opportunity to learn about variables, functions, objects, user interaction, randomness and techniques to create real-time graphics. We can deploy the workshop using JavaScript for a browser-based development or using C# with Godot.

intro du coding

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals about Object Oriented Programming
  • Develop a retro video game
  • Apply methodologies of agile software development

Practical information

  • Target group: Anyone wishing to learn how to code
  • Prerequisites: No previous experience in programming is required
  • Duration: The material can be adapted from a standalone workshop over 1 – 5 days, to a full academic course
  • Tools taught include: JavaScript with p5.js or C# with Godot
  • Teacher: Aurélien Krieger, co-founder at Obsolete Studio
  • Language: This workshop can be taught in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese

Going further

As we are constantly developing new contents, the learning objectives and formats can be flexible. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to develop a new syllabus or a learning experience tailored to your public.

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