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Generating Images with Machine Learning

Learn how to use generative AI models for concept art & design

During this workshop we’ll explore how text-to-images generative models help define new visual languages but also how they alter our perception of reality as a society.

As a group, we will explore how artists can use AI in a co-creation process by making its core concepts & techniques more explicit. We will also take a critical look at Machine Learning from the inside and discuss its ethical dilemmas with real-world examples.

Participants can expect to be equipped with creative and critical tools that allow them to develop their own projects and create alternative, inclusive visual narratives.

generating images machine learning

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about prompt engineering for generative imagery
  • Apply advanced techniques for visual compositing
  • Explore various models and learn how to train your own
  • Discuss ethical dilemmas and develop critical thinking on the field

Practical information

  • Target group: Artists, students, arts technicians, developers, researchers. Anyone wishing to demystify AI in order to apply it in their artistic or critical projects
  • Prerequisites: No previous experience of AI or computer programming is necessary
  • Duration: The material can be adapted from a standalone workshop over 1 – 5 days, to a full academic course
  • Tools taught include: Stable Diffusion, ControlNet, and other diffusion models
  • Teacher: Aurélien Krieger, co-founder at Obsolete Studio
  • Language: This workshop can be taught in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese

Open Source Documentation

The teaching material of this course is open sourced and can be consulted on the documentation webpage.

Going further

As we are constantly developing new contents, the learning objectives and formats can be flexible. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to develop a new syllabus or a learning experience tailored to your public.

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