We work with universities, art centres and educational organisations to develop educational programmes that foster a critical & creative exploration of technology. Artists, engineers, designers, researchers, makers and curious minds are invited to learn, share and create together.



Active learning

We encourage a collaborative learning environment where participants can develop their skills through peer learning, demos and hands-on projects.

Critical thinking

Participants engage in collective research and discussions around real-world issues to take a critical look at technology and its impacts on society.

Open research

We constantly improve our contents based on the feedback of our learning community. The materials are shared open-source for anyone to use or contribute to.

Featured Courses

Below is a selection of our workshops & courses. Visit the Workshops & Courses page for the full list.

Learn the fundamentals of programming for art & generative design.

Discover the creative potential of AI for critical & artistic projects

Explore how to create sounds from live data & signals of nature

Tailored formats exploring themes related to technology, nature & society

We love exploring new horizons and collaborating with new people to design original formats, whether on-site or online. 

We can participate at different levels, from running a workshop or professional training course to developing and supporting educational and cultural programmes that require the coordination of multi-disciplinary teams.

Themes may relate to renewable energy, low-tech, artificial intelligence, permaculture, the free internet, the peer-to-peer economy, or any critical and creative practice at the intersection of art, science and technology.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to develop a new syllabus or a learning experience tailored to your public.



Machine Learning for artists, workshop for the Stereolux’ Arts & Technologies Lab, Nantes, France
Generating Images with Machine Learning, online course for, a US-based community of creative professionals
Creative Coding with p5.js, MOOC for an online learning platform distributed to various design schools in France. Full syllabus, lecture videos and coding exercises
The secret language of plants, workshop programmed as part of Circuito Summer School, an educational program by Circuito – Braga Media Art at gnration, Braga, Portugal
Introduction to VJing and AV art with Resolume, workshop organised by Museu Zer0 for master students of the University of Algarve at the Convento do Espírito Santo, Loulé, Portugal
Web Development, bootcamp at Le Wagon, Lisbon, Portugal
Low Tech Soft Robotics, workshop for the Institut Mines-Telecom in Nantes, France


Creative Coding with p5.js, workshop for Circuito – Braga Media Art at gnration, Braga, Portugal
Web Development, bootcamp at Simplon, Marseille, France
Creative Web Development, online courses for DigiActivity, an online school for creative technologies