Long considered to be diametrically opposed, Art and Science aren’t actually two sides of the same coin? Both disciplines, by their exploratory nature, push the limits of human knowledge, our understanding of the world and ourselves.

This blog invites you to explore the convergence between Art and Science. The interviewed artists unveil behind the scenes of their work in progress and research, their histories and aspirations, as well as a glimpse into the back of their minds.

So hold your breath and dive with us!

Laboratory of Babel is an online platform that aims to list all the existing, or future behaviours identified in computer programs. It is designed to be an ongoing work in progress. 

The project results from Lior Ben Gai ’s research on cellular automata, in which he experiments and explores virtual worlds by using computing tools for artistic purposes.

Je viens de te voir en rêve is a sculptural experiment in 4D that questions the limits between dream and reality. 

This project has earned Marion Roche the MAIF prize for sculpture in 2021 and to contribute to scientific research into new mobile and autonomous processes and materials. 

The Center for Networked Intimacy is a project, still in its early stages, which consists of a variety of interactive workshops. 

Designed by Dasha Ilina, they are samples of human experiences that question the relationship between individuals and their relations on social networks.