Art + Science

Our artistic & cultural programs encourage hybrid art, digital culture and critical research for a public debate on the changes in our society.

Art Curation & Cultural Programs

We curate artworks, organise conferences, exhibitions and events with the aim is to give access to culture for all, share knowledge and raise awareness on the changes of our society related to information technologies.

> See project Art + Code @ 42 Lisboa
> See project Le Grand Barouf

Art, Research & Development

We produce original artworks, facilitate artists-led research projects and collaborations between artists and researchers. Our goal is to support hybrid and experimental projects that explore the relation between art, science and technology and imagine the future of creative technologies.

> See project LowSoRo
> See project O.R.S

Art + Science Blog

Long considered to be diametrically opposed, Art and Science aren’t actually two sides of the same coin?

Our blog invites you to explore the convergence between Art and Science with artists revealing behind the scenes of their work, as well as a glimpse into the back of their minds.

> Read our Blog

Network for Creative Industries

We develop tools and participate in collaborative networks for the development of Cultural and Creative Industries.

> See project Cooltsalon