Art + Science

Collaborative practices at the intersection of art and science open up dialogue on contemporary societal and environmental issues and inspire imagination that offers positive, sustainable alternatives for the future. We develop and support creative projects, artistic residencies and research, exhibitions and other cultural initiatives that support this vision.



We design cultural programmes around the societal and environmental issues that artist-researchers address in their projects, in order to raise awareness and reach out to different audiences.


We support artists and organisations seeking to adopt or develop an art-science approach. From conceptualisation to project completion, we are involved at every stage.


We dissect the creative processes and complex levels of interpretation of projects at the intersection of art and science, in order to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

Featured projects

Below is a selection of our Art + Science projects.

A series of articles exploring the convergence between Art and Science through interviews with artist-researchers and the documentation of their projects.

Support for the production of an artistic installation highlighting the geological and cultural heritage of the Melinesti region, Romania. 

Animation of a hackathon dedicated to artists wishing to open up to scientific disciplines and begin a collaboration with researchers.