obsolete.studio connects art, science and education to stimulate new thought patterns.

Our educational and cultural projects encourage imagination and critical dialogue about the social and environmental issues raised by new technologies. We foster multi-disciplinary collaborations to bring disciplines and regions closer together through research-creation projects, education and public outreach.

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Our educational programmes offer an experience of active learning, reflection and exchange between the art, science and technology.

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Art + Science

Our cultural programmes promote artistic research, encourage public debate and stimulate imagination about the changes taking place in our society.

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Project highlights

Below is a selection of our work. We develop and support open research projects, art exhibitions, educational programs and events.

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An interdisciplinary art installation that engages in dialogue with scientists and the local community with the aim of highlighting the natural and cultural heritage of the Melinesti region, Romania. 

Designed by artists Andreea Medar and Malina Ionescu, it was presented at the Simultan festival in Timisoara in 2023 as part of their Art – Science exhibition.

A series of workshops hosted by Stereolux & index.space about how to use AI for artistic practice and reflect on today’s challenges of the emerging technology.

Demonstrations, theoretical presentations, group discussions and individual projects provided an insight into the technical concepts of AI and its creative applications.


Our blog invites you to explore the convergence between Art and Science with artists revealing behind the scenes of their work, as well as a glimpse into the back of their minds.

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Pyrocumulus is a collaborative augmented reality installation that explores the modes of communication between trees following a mega-fire.

By looking at the history of the Landes forest and the biological relationships between plants, Alizée Armet offers an alternative view of our society and our relationship with nature.